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Collections (beta)

Collections (beta)

These collections showcase interrelated NERRS Science Collaborative projects. Select a collection below the map to read more and see the map update with interactive elements.

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Since 2015, the Science Collaborative has supported a range of projects looking to better understand the local impacts of climate change on coastal habitats, and to assess how management actions may influence a habitat’s ability to withstand or adapt to these impacts. The projects to date, shown on the map below, span a broad range of geographies, reserves, and topics, generally fall into one of three categories:

  • Assessing wetland vulnerability with new tools;
  • Developing and assessing wetland restoration techniques; and
  • Promoting greater awareness of the importance of tidal wetlands.

To date, similar work in this area has also included projects focused on living shorelines and blue carbon.

Monitoring and Management of Lagoon Mouths in Southern California

Students explore how management decisions affect water quality

Audience: grade 6-8 classrooms

Resources: lesson materials and graphs

Part of a project that analyzed long-term monitoring data about the impacts of management decisions on the health of Southern California’s coastal lagoons, this project updated the middle school curriculum, Don’t Shut Your Mouth.

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Spreading the Seeds of Estuary Health

Students grow marsh grasses to help restore shorelines

Audience: K-12 classrooms

Resources: teacher training and greenhouse supplies

This project leveraged lessons learned through two existing programs in different regions and helped 18 schools set up greenhouses to grow and transplant marsh grasses onto degraded shoreline sites.

Partner Reserves

  • ACE Basin, SC
  • Guana Tolomato Matanzas, FL
  • North Carolina
  • North Inlet-Winyah Bay, SC
  • Sapelo Island, GA

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