Focus Areas

San Francisco Bay NERR. Credit: Tom Muehleisen

Science Collaborative Focus Areas:

  • Water quality: Understanding the impacts of land use change, eutrophication, and contamination in estuarine ecosystems and the options for management and mitigation.
  • Climate change: Research and monitoring related to biophysical, social, economic, and behavioral impacts of habitat change resulting from climate change and/or coastal development.
  • Habitat resilience: Investigating options for improving estuarine habitat resilience; processes for identifying, prioritizing, and restoring sites; and monitoring and evaluating success.
  • Ecosystem services: Understanding how an ecosystem service approach and human dimensions research can be utilized to support the protection and restoration of estuarine systems.
  • Monitoring data synthesis: Syntheses of long-term monitoring data and information, originating from programs such as the NERRS System-wide Monitoring Program and associated monitoring efforts, to develop regional and national data products that address coastal management priorities for the NERRS and NOAA.