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Climate Change

Research and monitoring related to biophysical, social, economic and behavioral impacts resulting from climate change and coastal development

Climate change poses a range of potential threats to coastal communities and habitats, such as sea level rise, invasive species expansion, storm surge, and diminished groundwater resilience. Uncertainties about the extent to which habitats and communities will be affected by the changing climate mean we need enhanced monitoring techniques and decision-support tools, improved understanding of the interplay between climate stressors and their impacts, and more effective communication of risks.

Understanding the biophysical and human impacts of climate change on estuarine systems is a priority need for the National Estuarine Research Reserve System. As a result, Science Collaborative project teams are collaborating with coastal communities and stakeholders, undertaking research and dialogues that promote resilience, educate stakeholders, and evaluate opportunities for adaptation, using the latest applied science to inform discussions and decision-making.

To learn more about specific projects and research products in this focus area, follow the links below.

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