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Data Management Support


The NERRS Centralized Data Management Office (CDMO), led by Dr. Dwayne Porter, is the coordinating entity for Science Collaborative data management activities and focuses on two Science Collaborative program goals. The first is the transfer of knowledge and lessons learned to reserves as well as local, state, and federal coastal management decision-makers and educators. The second is the delivery of highly credible, valid, and relevant scientific data and derived information that is both timely and universally accessible. Specifically, the CDMO provides the following services:

  • Assimilation and sharing of data among regional and local partners;
  • QA/QC and metadata support required for data integration;
  • Web portals and web services for dissemination of data and information products;
  • Archives for data and information products;
  • Establishment of active relationships with core and cooperating programs to coordinate intra- and inter-regional data management efforts and critical technical training; and
  • Representation interacting with NOAA data management initiatives, i.e., Digital Coast Partnership, IOOS Program Office.

The CDMO works closely with Science Collaborative staff and with the project leads and data management staff of each Science Collaborative-supported project. The CDMO is available to provide guidance during full proposal development as well as technical support for funded projects.


Learn More

To learn more about the CDMO or inquire about data management support for your reserve or project, please visit the CDMO website or contact Dwayne at or (803) 777-4615