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Tool | May 2021

This guide is designed to be a resource for current and potential oyster growers that want to understand and maximize the water quality benefits of their aquaculture operations.

Journal Article | May 2021

This 2021 article which appeared in Geophysical Research Letters describes a study that took a novel approach to characterize soil organic carbon accumulation supporting marsh elevation maintenance as part of a 2017-2020 collaborative research project.

Multimedia | May 2021

These explainer videos, developed as part of a 2017 collaborative research project, help explain the motivation for the project, the approach, and the decision support tool and its application.

Project Overview | April 2021

This project overview describes a 2018 Catalyst project that conducted a collaborative, scientific modeling investigation to improve oyster population sustainability and management on Florida's Atlantic coast.

Project Overview | April 2021

This project overview describes a 2017 Collaborative Research project that explores how oyster aquaculture practices may be used to remediate water quality in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Multimedia | April 2021

Data | April 2021

This resource includes two related databases that include a range of water quality parameters measured at stormwater outfalls in Beaufort, NC.

Data | April 2021

This resource includes links to five datasets generated by a collaborative research project that measured nitrogen removal from oyster aquaculture using complement biogeochemistry and genetic methods.

Webinar Summary | April 2021

This resource contains the presenter slides, Q&A responses, recording, and presenter bios from the April 2021 webinar Promoting Resilient Groundwater and Holistic Watershed Management in Alaska ’s Kenai Lowlands.

Journal Article | March 2021

This open access article describes an assessment of the storm buffering services provided by Piermont Marsh, New York.