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A repository of data, publications, tools, and other products from project teams, Science Collaborative program, and partners.

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Webinar Summary | July 2022

This resource contains the presenter slides, Q&A responses, recording, and presenter bios from the July 2022 webinar "Listen In: Acoustic Monitoring of Estuarine Communities Facing Ecosystem Change."

Tool | July 2022

Monitoring plays a central role in detecting climate and anthropogenic stressors and associated changes in wetlands. There is a need for wetland monitoring programs to bridge the gap between ground-based surveys, which can miss important spatial heterogeneity and cause wetland disturbance, and sa

Factsheet | July 2022

A multi-Reserve study explored the feasibility of including high frequency, in situ chlorophyll a monitoring in the National Estuarine Research Reserve System-wide Monitoring Program (NERR SWMP).

Tool | July 2022

With funding from the NERRS Science Collaborative, scientists from 12 biogeographically diverse Reserves compared fluorescence measurements taken by the YSI EXO TAL sensor to extracted chlorophyll concentrations processed in the lab.

Tool | July 2022

Standardized protocols for sensor-based chlorophyll monitoring are now available for use by staff around the system to implement high frequency chlorophyll monitoring at their reserves.

Report | July 2022

Recommendations for the NERRS SWMP, summarizing outputs in an archivable format deemed useful by end users (NERRS research staff).

Webinar Summary | July 2022

During the Spring Conference of the Southeastern Estuarine Research Society in March 2022, the project team gave a presentation to roughly 100 attendees on the status of the project.

Multimedia | July 2022
Poster presented at the November 2020 NERRS Annual Meeting - Silas Tanner Poster presented at the February 2021 GTMNERR State of the Reserve Sympos
Multimedia | July 2022

Project Lead Nikki Dix (Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve) gives a 5-minute introduction to "Refining Techniques for High-frequency Monitoring of Chlorophyll Alpha in the NERRS," a catalyst project funded in 2020 by the NERRS Science Collaborative.

Webinar Summary | June 2022

This resource contains the presenter slides, Q&A responses, recording, and presenter bios from the June 2022 webinar "Drone the SWMP: Assessing the Utility of Drones for Monitoring Coastal Wetlands."