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Jobos Bay - Photo credit: NOAA

A repository of data, publications, tools, and other products from project teams, Science Collaborative program, and partners.
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Journal Article | May 2021

This 2021 article which appeared in Ecology and Society describes a research project exploring how alders, peatlands, and groundwater flows were incorporated into a spatial tool that was used in case studies with user groups and in outreach efforts. The paper includes evidence that these efforts to engage with stakeholders are resulting in attitudinal shifts as well as on-the-ground changes in peoples’ decision-making.

Webinar Summary | April 2021

This resource contains the presenter slides, Q&A responses, recording, and presenter bios from the April 2021 webinar Promoting Resilient Groundwater and Holistic Watershed Management in Alaska’s Kenai Lowlands.

Multimedia | March 2021

This poster, created by a Hollings Scholar who worked with Kachemak Bay NERR on a 2017 collaborative research project, describes the project and results.

Multimedia | March 2021

This video was created by two high school students from the Alaska Native village of Tyonek, documenting their communities groundwater uses, and represents one output from engaging with students from a 2017 collaborative research project.

Tool | August 2020

These resources from a stakeholder visit to the Stariski Creek Meadows headwaters in July 2019 were developed as part of a project to improve groundwater management on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska.

Multimedia | August 2020

This webinar from the Montana Institute on Ecosystems' Rough Cut Seminar Series presents methods and outcomes from a 2017 collaborative research project that developed a conceptual model for groundwater discharge and recharge on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska.

Tool | July 2020

This geodatabase of groundwater on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, can be used as a foundation for decision-making to determine the locations of aquifers and predict groundwater discharge to streams.

Multimedia | July 2020

This webinar for decision makers presents findings from a 2017 collaborative research project that developed a conceptual model for groundwater discharge and recharge on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska.

Project Overview | June 2020

This project overview describes a 2017 Collaborative Research project where Kachemak Bay Reserve staff and local partners are developing a conceptual model and geospatial layer that can be used to predict specific locations where groundwater discharge and recharge occur. 

Multimedia | June 2020

This story map about salmon, groundwater, and people in the Kenai Lowlands, Alaska can help local stakeholders better understand groundwater dynamics.

Multimedia | May 2020

These scientific illustrations show groundwater flows, seeps, and springs. They were created as part of a 2017 Collaborative Research project that developed a conceptional model for groundwater discharge and recharge on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska.