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NY-NJ Eel Partnership Media Products

Since 2008, the Hudson River Reserve has been successfully monitoring glass eels across various sites along the Hudson River with help from local volunteers. The Hudson River Eel Project is a community science program in which individuals across a wide range of demographics can participate in activities including juvenile eel collection, simple data entry, and transport of these organisms upstream over dams or other obstacles. This two-year science transfer project allowed the Jacques Cousteau Reserve to offer volunteers a research-related monitoring program by transferring best practices for implementing community science efforts from the Hudson River Eel Project. 

A collection of media materials from the project, which includes a poster and graphics, can be found below:

  • Project poster: Developed for the NERRS Annual meeting to communicate project findings to the Reserve system and NERRA.
  • Eel cycle graphic: Life cycle graphic for education and outreach; to be used by Jacques Cousteau NERR, Hudson River NERR, and other users in promotional materials such as educational displays, brochures, social media posts, and websites.
  • Newsletter features: Two features in the Jacques Cousteau newsletter to inform the public about project efforts and potentially attract new volunteers to participate.