Resilience Dialogues Collaborative Learning Curriculum

Tool Resource
September 2020

Resilience Dialogues shared knowledge and lessons learned from within the National Estuarine Research Reserve System about managing conflict in collaborative science.

About this resource

The Resilience Dialogues curriculum is a 1-2 day training to build skills for the management of conflicts that arise in collaborative science projects. This training workbook contains an example agenda, activities, and worksheets that can be customized to create a training for collaborative science facilitators or partners. The workbook also contains a collection of resources to support collaborative learning.

Individual worksheets contained within the workbook are also available as Word documents:

Trainings and technical support

In 2018 and 2019, the Resilience Dialogues project held a series of trainings for the National Estuarine Research Reserve System and its parnters. Training and technical support remain available upon request and can be arranged in collaboration with a reserve to be delivered virtually or in-person when it is safe to do so.

To inquire about training or technical support, contact: Chris Fuert,


Feurt, C. 2020. Resilience Dialogues Collaborative Learning Resources. Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve. Wells, Maine.

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