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National Synthesis of NERR Surface Elevation Table Data

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Surface Elevation Tables (SETs) are precise measurements of the height of a marsh surface and can be used to track whether a marsh is sinking or gaining elevation relative to sea level. Most sites within the network of 29 National Estuarine Research Reserves have been measuring SETs for several years.

About this resource

This national synthesis report analyzes Surface Elevation Table data from 15 National Estuarine Research Reserves across the continental United States. It summarizes wetland water level trends over a 19-year period. This report was generated as part of a 2018 project that developed tools to process, analyze, and communicate surface elevation change in the reserve system.

This project also produced a series of reserve-specific SET reports.


Cressman, K., S. Shull, J. Schmitt, K. St.Laurent, M. Tyrrell, and B. Russell. 2020. National Synthesis of NERR Surface Elevation Table Data. Technical Report. 23 pp.