Marsh Sustainability and Hydrology Website

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March 2021

Parallel grid ditches were dug in approximately 90% of mid-Atlantic and New England salt marshes in the 1920s through the 1940s. Today, managers must navigate the effects of past actions when making decisions about marsh hydrology and drainage that impact human health, ecosystem services, and marsh sustainability. Managers must also consider how stressors such as sea-level rise impact marshes. A collaborative research project helped to address this challenge by working iteratively with end user groups to develop a decision support tool for marsh hydrology management strategies that promote sustainability and delivery of valuable ecosystem services under future sea-level scenarios.

About this resource
The Marsh Sustainability and Hydrology website describes the research project in detail. The website provides access to the web-based Marsh Sustainability and Hydrology decision support tool, a case study on the use of the tool, and other project-related resources. The target audience for the website includes coastal managers, wetland restoration practitioners, scientists, and community members.