Coos Estuary Lessons Learned Guide

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December 2019

The Coos Bay estuary is one of Oregon's most important ecological resources, valued by surrounding communities for its abundant, diverse natural resources and economic and cultural significance. However, modern management of the estuary and its surrounding shorelands is based on local land use plans developed in the 1970s, a time when timber export and a vision of an industrialized waterfront predominated. The surrounding community now agrees that land use regulations need to evolve to reflect today's economic and social drivers centered around tourism and retirement services, while proactively addressing environmental changes and protecting natural resources.

An integrated assessment project led by the South Slough Reserve, the Coos County Planning Department, and the Partnership for Coastal Watersheds provided necessary information and supported local government to modernize land use planning for the Coos Bay estuary. 

The project team produced a Lessons Learned Guide that details processes completed by Coos County, the city of Coos Bay, and the city of North Bend. This document is available for other communities interested in processes to modernize land use.

See the Coos Estuary Land Use Analysis for project findings and the Coos Estuary and Shoreland Atlas for a series of maps and data.

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