Guide to Collaborative Science


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Nurdle. Photo credit: NERRA Photos.

Fine-Tune the Products

Develop strategies to identify and meet communications objectives and co-create user-relevant products with your partners.

 Plan Communication Efforts

Think about your communications objectives and project identity.

  • Thoughtfully brand your project with a short, catchy name.
  • Identify specific communication objectives.

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 Engage Users in Communications Work

Collaborate with end users and other participants early in the project planning phase to shape communication efforts.

  • Work with end users to refine your messaging.
  • Notice the preferences and styles of your end users.
  • Build communication capacity both inside and outside your team.

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 Identify the Products That Will Meet a Need

Develop information, products, and tools that intended users will find relevant and usable.

  • Consider a range of potential products.
  • Beta test your products and tools.

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 Additional Resources

Explore additional resources related to science communication. Examples: coastal communicators newsletter, and others.

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This guide distills key observations and lessons learned from Collaborative Science projects funded by the NOAA NERRS Science Collaborative Program. Copyright 2022. For questions or permissions, please contact