Guide to Collaborative Science


Provide feedback via a short survey Guide Contents

Nor'easter Orleana, Jacques Cousteau Reserve, New Jersey. Photo credit: NERRA Photos.

Enhance Your Collaboration

Think ahead to the timeline, tasks that must be completed, feedback you plan to collect, and how you might work through any challenges that may arise.

 Work Through Challenges

Think about how elements of your project can adapt in response to feedback and/or anticipated and unanticipated changes.

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 Additional Resources

Explore additional resources related to facilitating projects. Examples: virtual engagement resources, tools for facilitating effective meetings, conflict management tools, and others.

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This guide distills key observations and lessons learned from Collaborative Science projects funded by the NOAA NERRS Science Collaborative Program. Copyright 2022. For questions or permissions, please contact

Citation: NOAA National Estuarine Research Reserve System Science Collaborative. Guide to Collaborative Science. 2022.