Guide to Collaborative Science


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Sand-Dollars and Shells. Apalachicola Reserve, Florida. Photo credit: Snyder.

Scope Your Project

Focus your project's purpose with scoping questions and examples that will help you identify management needs and end users.

 Understand the Management Need

Identify and understand the management need that will focus and drive a project.

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 Get to Know End User Needs

Ask the people who are working on a management issue to articulate management needs from their perspective.

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 Additional Resources

Explore more resources that can help you conceptualize your collaborative science project. Examples: needs assessments, logic models, and others.

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This guide distills key observations and lessons learned from Collaborative Science projects funded by the NOAA NERRS Science Collaborative Program. Copyright 2022. For questions or permissions, please contact

Citation: NOAA National Estuarine Research Reserve System Science Collaborative. Guide to Collaborative Science. 2022.