The Worth of Blue Carbon - A Knowledge and Values Assessment of Conservation Policy Stakeholders in the PNW

Report Resource
June 2020

Tidal wetlands capture and store substantial quantities of carbon. This "blue carbon" is of great interest to those developing regional, national, and global climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies. To better understand the amount of carbon in Pacific Northwest tidal wetlands, a collaborative project conducted the region's first comprehensive blue carbon assessment of tidal wetlands and generated a user-friendly database of Pacific Northwest blue carbon data.

About this resource

To inform the development of a Pacific Northwest blue carbon database, project partners surveyed Pacific Northwest conservation policy stakeholders to learn about their knowledge and values. This needs assessment, conducted by South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve staff using online survey methods, was designed to:

  • Identify Pacific Northwest end users with interests not yet represented in the Pacific Northwest Coastal Blue Carbon Working Group;
  • Determine how well informed those end users were;
  • Determine specific data needs and data access preferences; and
  • Identify barriers to implementation of carbon mitigation strategies.
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