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Webinar: Science to support decision making: Groundwater on the southern Kenai Peninsula

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As communities in Alaska ’s Kenai Lowlands prepare for a changing climate, information about groundwater is essential to manage the watershed for both people and salmon. To better understand the availability of groundwater and how human activities impact this resource, a collaborative research project led by the Kachemak Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve and University of South Florida built a model that shows the depth and extent of aquifers and predicts groundwater discharge and recharge. The project team joined this new science with local expertise to interpret the groundwater model for use in land use planning, permitting, policy decisions, and habitat protection.

About this resource

This webinar for decision makers provides an overview of the project and discusses the creation of a groundwater geodatabase, how it can be used to support decision making, and its future applications.


Citation: Walker, CM and Rains MC. 2019. Science to support decision-making: groundwater on the southern Kenai Peninsula. Webinar for end users.