Using Google Earth to Estimate Shoreline Erosion History

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September 2019
Using Google Earth to Estimate Shoreline Erosion

About this resource

This tutorial demonstrates a simple and free method to assess the erosion history of a shoreline site using Google Earth and Microsoft PowerPoint. Using this tool, you can quickly determine if a site has been experiencing erosion or if it is relatively stable. You may also be able to determine the cause of erosion at a site using this activity alone or in combination with property owner interviews. This method provides a rough evaluation. It should not be used to measure exact erosion rates or amount of land lost.

This document originally appears here on the Mississippi State University Coastal Research & Extension Center's website.

This resource was developed as part of a collaborative research project that monitored and evaluated coastal restoration designs at the Weeks Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve.


Sara Martin, Extension Associate, and Eric Sparks, PhD, Assistant Extension Professor, Coastal Research & Extension Center. Publication 3357 (POD-05-19) MASGP-19-029.

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