A Tool to Evaluate Coastal Habitat Vulnerability to Climate Change

Webinar Summary Resource
July 2018

The National Estuarine Research Reserve (NERR) System created the Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment Tool for Coastal Habitats (CCVATCH) to help land managers, decision makers, and researchers develop conservation, management, and restoration plans for coastal habitats in light of climate change. Reserves in New England and North and South Carolina shared the results from assessments they conducted. The presentation demonstrated how CCVATCH serves as an evaluation process to identify sources of vulnerability, provides a greater understanding of the potential impacts of climate change alone and in relation to existing non-climate stressors, and identifies data gaps and research needs. 

These slides summarize a webinar given by Jennifer Plunket of the North Inlet-Winyah Nay Reserve and Robin Weber of the Narragansett Bay Reserve on July 17, 2018 summarizing results from their assessments using the Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment Tool for Coastal Habitats (CCVATCH).