Summary of Living Shoreline Research to Inform Regulatory Decision-Making in South Carolina

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August 2019
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Many property owners in South Carolina are interested in living shorelines to stabilize their shores, restore coastal marshes, and protect against storms. State agencies began pursuing a regulatory pathway to facilitate permitting on private lands, but realized they lacked information on the long-term performance of living shoreline techniques. This report summarizes the results of a multi-year collaborative research project to monitor and assess a variety of living shoreline technologies under different coastal environmental conditions. The results are intended to provide agency partners with science-based information to develop project standards for living shorelines in South Carolina.

This document will be updated with continued monitoring and as the science continues to develop. Updates will be posted at


SCDNR. 2019. Summary of Living Shoreline Research to Inform Regulatory Decision- Making in South Carolina. Charleston, SC: South Carolina Marine Resources Division. Technical Report No. 110. 49 p.

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