Summary Brochure: Building Marsh Capital

Factsheet Resource
May 2020

Tidal marshes provide key ecosystem services, but they are threatened by sea level rise. For these ecosystems to survive, it will require active management to increase tidal marsh resilience. Thin-layer placement (TLP), an emergent adaptation strategy that mimics natural sediment deposition processes, is one of the only viable options to protect tidal marshes in their current footprint. To improve the success of thin-layer placement projects, a collaborative research team at the Narragansett Bay and Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserves led coordinated restoration experiments at eight Reserves on the US East and West coasts to test TLP across diverse marsh plant communities, and produced guidance and recommendations for TLP use.

About this resource

This summary brochure, “Building Marsh Capital: Adding Sediment to Help Marshes Face Rising Seas,” describes thin-layer placement as a strategy for marsh resilience and summarizes National Estuarine Research Reserve TLP research, recommendations, and guidance.