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Successful Adaptation Indicators and Metrics Project: From Pilots to System-wide Benefit

Webinar Description

In a Collaborative Science for Estuaries webinar hosted on January 10, 2018, Susi Moser, a Science Collaborative team member, discussed her work with the Reserve System on climate change adaptation. Her project, the Successful Adaptation Indicators and Metrics ("SAIM") project, has worked collaboratively with five reserves (Wells, Hudson River, Jacques Cousteau, Tijuana River, and Kachemak Bay) and their stakeholders over the past four years to answer questions about whether adaptation to climate variability is actually occurring, and whether the adaptive actions taken are good, useful, and effective. In this webinar, Susi discusses the project and synthesizes lessons learned from her work with the reserves on climate adaptation. This product contains Susi's slides and key talking points from the webinar.