Project summary slides for ShARES: Shellfish Aquaculture in Reserves- Ecosystem Services

Multimedia Resource
October 2020

North Carolina has had a small but stable shellfish aquaculture industry for over thirty years. Now, regulatory changes are creating a climate for potential rapid growth. To help inform the planning and permitting of oyster farms, this project assessed ecosystem services by measuring impacts of newly-established shellfish aquaculture among intertidal and subtidal grow-out sites.

About this resource

This slide deck summarizes project findings and was used as part of a final meeting with stakeholders in August 2020. Project collaborators and partners can use this slide deck for future presentations to audiences with technical or non-technical backgrounds. The presentation outlines the project approach as well as the data, findings, visualization tools, and models that were developed that can help resource managers and oyster growers make decisions on locations and scales of aquaculture operations.

This slide deck summarizes the work of many people, including Beth Darrow, Martin Posey, Troy Alphin, Susanne Brander, Suzanne Bricker, Joao Ferreira, Alhambra Cubillo, Jessica Kinsella, Madison Lytle, and Kelsey Billet.


Darrow, E.S., M. Posey, T. Alphin, S. Brander, S. Bricker, J. Ferreira, A. Cubillo, J. Kinsella, M. Lytle, K. Billet. 2020. Shellfish Aquaculture in Reserves: Ecosystem Services - Project Summary Slides.

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