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Overcoming Uncertainty through Climate Planning

Webinar Description

In a Collaborative Science for Estuaries webinar hosted on December 20, 2017, Danielle Boudreau (Tijuana River NERR) and Syverine Bentz (Kachemak Bay NERR) discussed their 2015 Science Transfer project which used scenario planning to overcome uncertainty around climate adaptation on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. The webinar focused on climate scenario planning in both the Kachemak Bay and the Tijuana River Reserves, and how the project resulted in multiple unexpected outcomes for each. This product contains Danielle and Syverine's slides and key talking points from the webinar.

These slides summarize a webinar given by Danielle Boudreau and Syverine Bentz on December 20, 2017, on how they used scenario planning to overcome uncertainty around barriers to climate adaptation in southcentral Alaska.