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A National Synthesis of Tidal Marshes to Detect Impacts of Climate Change across Multiple Scales

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About the project

A 2021 - 2024 collaborative research project is conducting a national-scale synthesis of NERRS geographic diversity to measure the influences of climate change on marsh resilience. The project is utilizing the tidal marsh-monitoring tools and building upon the results of two catalyst projects analyzing marsh vegetation and surface elevation.

To best inform marsh-management practices and national-level synthesis efforts, the project will establish collaborative partnerships between the research team and involved stakeholders.

About this resource

This two-page project outreach tool outlines research questions, end-user engagement approaches, and the anticipated outcomes from establishing a collaborative research approach. Written by project leads Christopher Peter, Kimberly Cressman, and David Burdick, this resource aims to engage primary end-users in collaborative research efforts over the project's three-year timeline.