Measuring Climate Adaptation Success and Progress: Introduction to the Resilience Metrics Toolkit

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November 2020

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One of the most challenging parts of advancing climate adaptation is defining what success looks like and tracking progress toward those goals. Over the past six years, a group of National Estuarine Research Reserves has been finding creative ways to tackle this problem in their own communities through the Successful Adaptation Indicators and Metrics project. In 2020, the team launched a new web-based toolkit - Resilience Metrics - which shares a suite of lessons learned, tools and tactics to help communities identify locally relevant climate adaptation metrics.

In this November 2020 webinar, Susi Moser and Kristen Goodrich shared their experiences and lessons learned with defining climate adaptation success - conceptually and in practice. They introduced the resources available on the Resilience Metrics toolkit and explained how the case studies, job aids and facilitation tools can be used by coastal managers and adaptation professionals everywhere to facilitate conversations and planning around successful adaptation.

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