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Matrix Linking Social and Ecological Scores of Estuarine Success

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About the project

Through a 2020 catalyst project, university, reserve, and restoration practitioners partnered to understand social perceptions of saltmarsh restoration in Oregon to identify ways to better incorporate socially relevant information in restoration metrics, increase outreach efficacy and, ultimately, improve restoration success.

About this resource

One of the main outputs of this catalyst project was a Linking Matrix that, for three bays in Oregon, compares the social scores, ecological performance scores, and number of mentions in project reports of each of seven metric categories that we highlight as useful for assessing restoration projects: Mammal Use, Fish Use, Bird Use, Invertebrate Use, Vegetation, Hydrology, and Human Factors. Here we include a detailed description of the process for creating the Linking Matrix, and the ecological and social scorecards that outline how these scores were derived.

Ecological Scorecard (Excel)

Social Scorecard (Excel)


Julie Gonzalez, Vanessa Robertson-Rojas, Catherine de Rivera, Melissa Haeffner, Edwin Grosholz, Paul Englemeyer, Shon Schooler, Sabra Comet, Shersten Finley. 2022. Linking Matrix: Results from “Developing and Integrating Social Measures of Estuarine Restoration Success