Managing Freshwater for the Future in Florida

Project Overview Resource
December 2018

One of the few pristine, mangrove-forested estuaries in the country, Florida’s Rookery Bay Estuary is a critical breeding ground for the fisheries that underpin the region’s economy. Balancing the freshwater needs of the estuary with those of local communities is increasingly challenging as population growth and sea level rise tax freshwater resources. Decision-makers need information about freshwater requirements of the estuary and the perspectives of water users to effectively manage water resources.

About this resource

The Rookery Bay Reserve led a multidisciplinary team in a  2011 Collaborative Research project to develop a science-based framework that stakeholders can use to collaborate and make decisions about water resources that maintain the health of the estuary and support its surrounding communities. This project overview describes the project approach, benefits, products, and targeted end users.

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