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Guide Tool: Understanding User Needs

Guide Tool: Understanding User Needs

Before determining the specific objectives and outputs for a collaborative science project, project teams should examine the management context and information needs surrounding a particular issue and get to know their intended users. This tool will guide you through a process of identifying and considering the needs of potential intended users to inform how you frame and focus a project.

Based on your understanding of the management need, use the table in the document to identify and characterize potential users. The questions within the document can help your team think through the potential applications of your work and initiate discussions with different groups that are in a position to use the information and products your project could produce.

How to access resources
Guide resources are provided as open-view Google Docs to promote access. Open the document, then make a copy or download the resource in your preferred format (File > Download).


This tool is part of an online Guide to Collaborative Science and was developed by the National Estuarine Research Reserve System’s Science Collaborative Program.

Location: Scope Project > Get to Know Intended User Needs