"Fight the Bite" Brochure

Multimedia Resource
March 2021
Fight the Bite Brochure cover

Through data-collection, mapping, and modeling efforts, a collaborative research project has increased clarity about marsh habitat change to inform mosquito control and coastal restoration efforts in New Jersey. The project team developed environmental DNA (eDNA) assays for the most common salt marsh mosquitoes in the Middle Atlantic United States and made major advancements in mosquito surveillance. They also developed outreach materials to inform the public about health risks posed by mosquitoes, including how climate change might exacerbate those risks, and a module for middle/high school educators.

About this resource

This brochure provides information about the health risks posed by mosquitoes, the impact of climate change on mosquito breeding, and how people can protect themselves. It was developed to support partner organizations and agencies involved in mosquito management in their outreach to the public.