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Datasets for Refining Techniques for High-Frequency Monitoring of Chlorophyll

Datasets for Refining Techniques for High-Frequency Monitoring of Chlorophyll

About this project

The 2020-2021 catalyst project Refining Techniques for High-Frequency Monitoring of Chlorophyll in the NERRS brought together twelve biogeochemically diverse reserves to compare results from new YSI in situ sensor technology with existing practices for measuring chlorophyll.

The project developed standardized protocols for calibration and data management using the two chlorophyll monitoring methods as well as recommendations for determining when each method is appropriate.

About this data

The dataset description outlines the parameters measured, locations studied, and the data file format for the six datasets generated by the project:

  1. Combined field- and lab-based comparison data collected by participating reserves
  2. Monitoring data using different methods from three reserves
  3. Interference test results from seven reserves
  4. Metadata for sampling details at participating reserves, e.g., site location, protocols
  5. Chlorophyll comparison data files from individual reserves
  6. Raw files from participating reserves

Data access: The datasets for this project have been archived with the NERRS Centralized Data Management Office and can be downloaded after completing a data request form. Click the blue "Request Data" button in the upper right corner of this page. If this button does not appear, questions about these datasets can be directed to:

Nikki Dix, Guana Tolomato Matanzas NERR, 904-380-8613, [email protected]