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Data Collected to Support Eco-Social Metrics of Saltmarsh Restoration in Alsea, Coos, and Yaquina Bays in Oregon

About the project

Through a 2020 catalyst project, university, reserve, and restoration practitioners partnered to understand social perceptions of saltmarsh restoration in Oregon to identify ways to better incorporate socially relevant information in restoration metrics, increase outreach efficacy and, ultimately, improve restoration success.

About this resource

These data were collected between January 2021 and March 2022 to support the development of and linking of eco-social metrics of saltmarsh restoration in Oregon. 

The dataset description outlines the parameters measured, locations studied, and the data file format for the six datasets generated by the project:

  1. Baseline and Post-Project Vegetation Dataset
  2. Photopoints Dataset
  3. Sinuosity Dataset
  4. Report Mining Dataset
  5. Ecological Scorecard Dataset
  6. Raw, Deidentified Data and Factor Analysis of Qsort Data

Data Access 

The linked dataset above is available via the following Dryad Repository:

The remaining datasets are available via the blue request button at the top right of this page.