Buffer Options for the Bay: An In-Depth Look at the Use of Vegetated Buffers in New Hampshire

Webinar Summary Resource
March 2018

In a Collaborative Science for Estuaries webinar hosted on March 27, 2018, Cory Riley, the Reserve Manager at Great Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, discussed her 2015 Integrated Assessment of vegetated buffer use in New Hampshire. Buffers intersect a wide range of activities including land acquisition, management, and protection; restoration; community engagement; and policymaking. Underpinning such decisions are tradeoffs that impact economic vitality, environmental health, and community well-being. To help decision-makers navigate these tradeoffs and understand their options for action, the project team conducted an integrated assessment, aggregating existing physical and social science data; conducting a policy analysis; quantifying potential willingness to pay for management options based on water quality benefits; assessed values, knowledge, and assumptions at the community level; and then integrating these findings into a series of reports, maps, a website, and an action plan. In this webinar, Riley shared her team's findings and experience, as well as next steps for buffer protection in coastal New Hampshire.

These slides summarize a webinar given by Cory Riley of the Great Bay Reserve on March 27, 2018 about her 2015 Integrated Assessment on vegetated buffer use in New Hampshire.