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Brochure: Restoring Oregon’s Estuaries

Cover Entitled Restoring Oregon's Estuaries

About the project

Through a 2020 catalyst project, university, reserve, and restoration practitioners partnered to understand social perceptions of saltmarsh restoration in Oregon to identify ways to better incorporate socially relevant information in restoration metrics, increase outreach efficacy and, ultimately, improve restoration success.

About this resource

This brochure summarizes the findings from this catalyst project for the general public. It highlights six main perspectives and the top values identified in Oregon focus groups, and explains how the ecological metrics that are commonly measured by restoration practitioners ultimately address those social values. Biological monitoring data from restoration projects in Oregon are synthesized to show how those projects are addressing social values. The brochure also provides information about how community members can get involved and advance habitat restoration in their region.


Julie Gonzalez, Vanessa Robertson-Rojas, Melissa Haeffner, Catherine de Rivera, Paul Englemeyer, Sabra Comet, Edwin Grosholz, Shon Schooler, Shersten Finley. 2022. Restoring Oregon’s Estuaries.