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A Collaborative Approach to Advancing Blue Carbon Research and Data Applications (Part 1)

A Collaborative Approach to Advancing Blue Carbon Research and Data Applications (Part 1)

Thu, Feb 29 2024, 2 - 3pm

Speaker(s): Chris Janousek, Trevor Williams, Katrina Poppe, and Scott Bridgham

Location: Webinar

For nearly a decade, the Pacific Northwest Blue Carbon Working Group (Working Group) has brought scientists, planners, policy makers and others together to identify and collaboratively fill priority blue carbon data gaps for Pacific Northwest coastal wetlands, archive those data in a new Working Group-created regional blue carbon database, and make those data available to individuals and agencies working to advance regional climate mitigation initiatives. Through the collaboration of researchers, planners, policy professionals, and others from universities, nonprofit organizations, and governmental agencies throughout the region, the Working Group has systematically collected and analyzed new–and compiled existing–regional data on carbon stocks, carbon sequestration, and methane emissions and archived them in the Working Group’s Northeast Pacific Regional Blue Carbon Database. 

This two-part webinar series covers the Working Group’s 2020-2023 research, including data collection to support blue carbon comparisons across different natural and land use types, as well as the ways these data are used in the development of climate mitigation policies and blue carbon tools.

Part 1: Filling Blue Carbon Data Gaps | February 29, 2024
This session highlights the Working Group’s 2020-2023 research designed to fill regional carbon sequestration and methane, CO2 and N2O emissions data gaps as well as the design and utility of the Northeast Pacific Regional Blue Carbon Database.

Session 1 Speakers:

Chris Janousek, Oregon State University

Chris is a research professor at OSU and has worked on tidal wetland ecology along the Pacific coast for two decades. He has led or co-led several regional blue carbon projects and curates the Northeast Pacific Blue Carbon database.

Trevor Williams, Oregon State University

Trev has been a Faculty Research Assistant in the Department of Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Sciences at Oregon State University for 3 years focusing on environmental monitoring in tidal wetlands. Prior to OSU he was at Portland State University where he worked in agricultural systems researching nutrient input effects on water quality and greenhouse gas emissions.

Katrina Poppe, Western Washington University

Katrina is a Research Associate at Western Washington University and a PhD candidate at the University of British Columbia. She studies sediment, vegetation, and carbon dynamics in tidal wetlands in relation to climate change and land management. For this project she has focused on understanding patterns and predictors of soil carbon accumulation rates.

Scott Bridgham, University of Oregon

Scott is an emeritus professor at the University of Oregon. He has been doing research on climate impacts on wetlands, terrestrial ecosystems, and aquatic ecosystems for 35+ years and has published extensively on those efforts. He is part of the PNW Blue Carbon Working Group scientific team, focusing on how land management in tidal wetlands affects trace gas emissions and climate forcing.

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