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Accelerating Collective Learning and Action for Enhanced Climate Resilience

Webinar Description

The National Estuarine Research Reserve System (NERRS) Science Collaborative hosted a webinar on September 9, 2019 that featured a discussion among four panelists that have been taking different approaches for helping communities anticipate and prepare for climate impacts. The webinar explored lessons learned in order to accelerate learning and the transfer of ideas across the coastal management community. Some of the projects referenced by panelists were supported by grants through the NERRS Science Collaborative. The one-hour webinar included a moderated panel discussion and an opportunity to respond to audience generated questions.

About this document

This document is a comprehensive post-webinar report that includes a summary of the panel discussion, a record of the Q&A session, comments submitted by attendees about the most important next steps for accelerating learning and action for climate resilience, the results of audience polls administered during the webinar, and a list of participants who opted to list their contact information to foster connections among coastal resilience practitioners and researchers.

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