Edges of our Estuaries

Workshop Summary:  Edges of our Estuaries

In October 2018, the GTM Reserve in northeastern Florida and a Science Collaborative project team hosted a regional workshop, Edges of Our Estuaries. The two-day workshop brought together restoration practitioners from across the southeastern United States, including representatives from coastal management, coastal restoration, universities, state agencies (e.g., Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Florida Department of Environmental Protection), and federal agencies (e.g., U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National Park Service, National Park Service, National Marine Fisheries Service).

The workshop was designed to foster discussion about where to direct research and management efforts in the future. Presentations, discussions, and field visits helped synthesize trends in shoreline change, identify common challenges and key research gaps for managing dynamic shorelines, and teach attendees about the project's new technique for reducing erosion along high-energy shorelines. The team conducted a preliminary and follow-up survey with all participants and is developing a peer-reviewed manuscript that describes current variation in estuary structure, condition, and stressors across the southeastern United States.

This webpage provides access to the summary documents and presentations from the Edges of Our Estuaries Workshop.

Workshop Documents

Workshop Presentations

The workshop kicked off with presentations from attendees from across the southeastern United States. Each presenter explained the threats, current management efforts, and research needs for their region or state.


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