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Connect to Protect: Transferring Conservation Science in New Hampshire’s Coastal Watershed

Connect to Protect: Transferring Conservation Science in New Hampshire’s Coastal Watershed

Fri, May 24 2024, 1 - 2pm

Speaker(s): Cory Riley and Lisa Wise

Location: Webinar

Since 1994, collaboration among the Great Bay Resource Protection Partnership has resulted in the protection of over 82,000 acres in New Hampshire’s coastal watershed. Resources such as the 2006 Land Conservation Plan – which informed watershed protection goals, identified regional priorities, and guided strategic decision-making for over a decade – have contributed to this success by evaluating regional progress and promoting understanding of conservation efforts to date. In 2021, the Nature Conservancy of New Hampshire released an updated version of the plan that reflects new conservation priorities for climate adaptation, water resource protection, wildlife habitat and landscape connectivity corridors, and working lands.

Supported by a science transfer grant, the Connect to Protect project facilitated the transfer of knowledge from the updated plan to intended users in the region through a focused outreach effort which included a needs assessment, formal knowledge transfer workshops, and a technical assistance program. In addition to facilitating knowledge transfer and outreach, the project provides a strong example of how funds can be leveraged to launch and support lasting regional relationships that continue beyond a project timeline. In this webinar, team members discuss the approach and impacts of the project, including where this work sits within the broader context of the region and how collaborative outreach increases the reach of conservation work.


Cory Riley, Great Bay NERR

Cory Riley is the Manager at the Great Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, where she works closely with partners to promote clean water and healthy coastal habitats in the region. For this project, Cory recruited, organized, and facilitated the Advisory Team that provided external advice as needed on high-level decisions, project activities, and products.

Lisa Wise, University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension

Lisa Wise is a Program Manager with University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension, where she works with New Hampshire communities to build awareness of and resilience to the impacts of a changing climate. Lisa led the Outreach Team during the second half of the project, which conducted a needs assessment of end users, oversaw the development of the Connect to Protect website, planned and conducted science transfer workshops, and completed technical assistance for communities and land trusts.