Conceptualizing and Designing Collaborative Science Projects

Date and Time: 
Wed, 10/16/2019 - 3:30pm to 4:30pm
Jen West, Alison Watts, Nikki Dix, and Julia Wondolleck

Planning can be particularly challenging for collaborative research projects that fully integrate researchers and intended users of the research, in part because diverse collaborators and distinct project elements need to be tightly aligned to meet targeted user needs. 

This webinar will feature three panelists that have helped shape collaborative science projects addressing a range of coastal management issues. The panel discussion will explore lessons learned through trial and error, including how research questions and management needs were matched, how partners were identified, and different methods for enabling an efficient and effective collaborative process involving natural resource managers and researchers.

About the Speakers:


Alison Watts, PhD, Research Assistant Professor, University of New Hampshire

Alison is a civil engineer with a strong interest in water resource management and a history of successful collaborations involving municipal and watershed organizations. She has partnered with reserves on several projects over the years, the most recent project is developing and testing environmental DNA monitoring protocols.


Jennifer West, Coastal Training Program Coordinator, Narragansett Bay NERR

Jen develops and delivers training for coastal decision makers on topics ranging from climate change, wetland restoration, water resource management and facilitation techniques. She’s served as the collaborative lead for a number of projects, including a recent project involving wetland restoration pilot efforts at eight different reserves and a regional initiative to advance marsh resilience.


Nikki Dix, PhD, Research Director, Guana Tolomato Matanzas NERR

Nikki establishes research priorities and oversees monitoring programs that address local and regional management needs at her reserve. She’s worked closely with a range of academic partners and natural resource managers to help guide collaborative research, including recent projects about living shorelines and oyster management.



Julia Wondolleck, PhD, NERRS Science Collaborative

Julia’s research and teaching focuses on the collaborative dimension of marine, coastal and terrestrial ecosystem management. Julia supports Science Collaborative project teams through the development of training and tools to help teams plan and manage their collaborative processes.

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