Collaborative Research Grants

Waquoit Bay - Photo credit: James Rassman

Collaborative Research

Generating new science to inform decisions

Collaborative research projects conduct new applied science through an end user driven, collaborative process that results in research, data, tools, or other products that will inform decision making related to a reserve management need. Collaborative research projects can use social and/or natural science research approaches and must have a well-defined research question that the project is designed to answer. To learn more about recent projects browse the project catalog: Collaborative Research Projects 

Open Funding Opportunity

The Science Collaborative is currently running the 2020 Collaborative Research grant competition. Pre-proposals have been reviewed and a subset of applicants have been invited to develop full proposals. Note: To be eligible for this funding opportunity, applicants must have submitted a pre-proposal and been invited by the Science Collaborative to submit a full proposal. 

Note to Applicants (3/20/2020): 

  • The proposal submission deadline has been extended by two weeks (from April 6 to April 20) to make it easier for applicants to finalize and submit their proposals amidst all the disruptions created by COVID-19. 
  • Please note that the project team Q&A sessions with the review panel have been eliminated but this means increased importance of letters of support from primary end users.
  • Project partners and end users are likely distracted and under strain right now. We encourage applicants to limit the number of letters of support and only include letters from primary end users. One letter from a primary end user could be sufficient or multiple end users could sign a single letter that they write together. 

Resources for Developing Full Proposals:

Q&A about Full Proposal Guidelines:

Resources from the Pre-Proposal Phase of the Competition:

Additional Proposal Development Resources:

Questions about this funding opportunity can be directed to:
Phone: Maeghan Brass (734-763-0727), Lynn Vaccaro (734-763-0056)