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Sustainable Shorelines Rapid Assessment Protocol Manual

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This manual was developed in 2018 as part of the Hudson River Sustainable Shorelines Project (HRSSP). It describes simple, low-cost, representative methods for evaluating the function and integrity of ecologically enhanced shoreline projects and includes a set of worksheets to guide data collection and record observations.

Although the manual was written for sites along the Hudson River, this Rapid Assessment Protocol could be used in other locations, by scientists and engineers who are familiar with field techniques and/or those who have undergone field training on the Rapid Assessment Protocol. During the process of developing the Protocol, specific sites were initially assessed with the assistance of HRSSP personnel. During this initial assessment, HRSSP personnel provided assistance with some of the key decisions related to the site layout (number of segments and profiles), and demonstrated many of the measurement techniques. Subsequently, the sites were assessed a second time by the trainees with minimal guidance from HRSSP personnel. Readers should contact the Hudson River National Estuarine Research Reserve for the availability of future training opportunities.


Findlay, S.E.G, Miller, J.K. Williams, A., and Hauser, E.E., Hudson River Sustainable Shorelines Rapid Assessment Protocol - Manual. In association with and published by the Hudson River Sustainable Shorelines Project, Staatsburg, NY 12580,