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Guide Resource: Example Problem Statements

Guide Resource: Example Problem Statements

Collaborative science projects revolve around a compelling problem statement. 

A well drafted, concise problem statement can motivate and focus a group’s efforts, guide the design of a project’s technical and collaborative approach, and demonstrate a project’s potential value - in a nutshell - to potential funders.

This resource contains several examples of summary problem statements that convey a spectrum of different types of management needs, beg different types of collaborative science projects, and involve different types of users in different ways. 

How to access resources
Guide resources are provided as open-view Google Docs to promote access. Open the document, then make a copy or download the resource in your preferred format (File > Download).


This tool is part of an online Guide to Collaborative Science and was developed by the National Estuarine Research Reserve System’s Science Collaborative Program.

Location: Scope Project > Define Your Project's Purpose