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Case Study: Building future partnerships while improving your research

Sharing your work — even before the final results are analyzed — can lead to many unanticipated benefits, as the Bringing Wetlands to Market project team observed.

Bringing Wetlands to Market

Based at Massachusetts’ Waquoit Bay Reserve, this project advanced science to understand coastal wetlands’ capacity to capture and store greenhouse gases, and developed a protocol to bring wetlands into international carbon markets. Excited to share their work, the team reached out to new potential end users in Massachusetts, created usable templates for wetlands decision makers, explored the potential for blue carbon initiatives in the Pacific Northwest, and created a blue carbon curriculum for high school educators. The team’s investments in outreach positioned them to write new proposals, build new partnerships and garner more resources to advance their work.


This tool is part of an online Guide to Collaborative Science and was developed by the National Estuarine Research Reserve System’s Science Collaborative Program.

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