Adaptive Management

Weeks Bay - Photo credit: NOAA

The best programs learn from their successes and failures. Consequently, each iteration of the Science Collaborative has incorporated mechanisms for learning and improvement into its operations. These efforts assess the program's performance in meeting Reserve System needs and program goals, and enable the Science Collaborative to manage the program adaptively.

We have built a variety of evaluation and adaptation tools into its program activities. The evaluation tools offer snapshots of the program's impact on participant groups at various points in time and have been used to modify program activities such as request for proposal (RFP) and review processes, and project management.

Evaluation Tool When Administered Audience
RFP feedback surveys and webinars After each RFP Funded and unfunded project teams
Proposal review process (Collaborative Research, Integrated Assessment, Science Transfer RFPs) End of review panel each meeting Panelists
Sector consultations through the NERRS Annual Meeting and targeted webinars Annually Reserve staff
Science Collaborative advisory board meetings Annually Advisory board members
Research about prior grants Ongoing Prior project teams
Pre- and post-survey of end users for current projects Ongoing End users on current project teams
End of project reflection reports Ongoing Project teams
Interim program evaluation 2018 All program participants

RFP Feedback Reports

Interim Program Evaluation

NERRS Science Collaborative Interim Evaluation Report