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Final Stakeholder Meeting Slides and Video: Piermont Marsh Storm Protection Study

A 2016-2020 collaborative research project closely examined a marsh complex that lies adjacent to Piermont Village along the Hudson River Estuary in New York. Village residents wanted to better understand how Piermont Marsh would buffer their village from storm-induced flooding and waves, and whether a proposed plan to restore native cattails within a small area of the phragmites-dominated marsh would lessen its buffering capacity. The project team worked closely with stakeholder from the Village as they planned this research project and selected scenarios for computer-based modeling of the marsh.

About this Resource

The project team hosted a final virtual meeting on July 16 2021 with Village residents, stakeholders, marsh managers and other end users. Slides and a recording of the meeting have been made available to help other understand their research findings.

Meeting Outline

  • The current condition of marsh vegetation and information on restoration efforts, shared by Sarah Fernald and Heather Gierloff, Hudson River NERR.
  • An overview of project findings, presented by Peter Sheng, including:
    • The role the marsh had in buffering the Village from flood, storm-driven waves and debris due to Superstorm Sandy;
    • The role the marsh is projected to have in buffering the Village from future storms and projected sea level rise; and
    • The amount of avoided damages to residences and other structures due to the marsh ’s buffering role.
  • Reflections on project implications for Piermont Village, shared by Nathan Mitchell, Chair of the Piermont Waterfront Resiliency Commission.

Meeting Summary Products

These resources and others are also available on the Hudson River Reserve webpage.