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Jobos Bay - Photo credit: NOAA

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Journal Article | February 2022

This 2022 paper which appeared in Nature discusses a modeling approach to examine the marsh’s buffering capacity in a changing climate (from 2020 to 2100), considering a potential marsh restoration plan (from 2020 to 2025) and potential marsh loss due to sea-level rise. 

Tool | November 2021

This tool provides an overview of acoustic monitoring in aquatic ecosystems, including sources of sound, metrics for measurement, data collection and analysis, and applications for habitat assessment, stewardship, and education.

Tool | November 2021

This factsheet, developed by a 2020 catalyst project, provides a brief overview of CES frameworks and categories to complement the information contained in the factsheet “Expanding and Deepening the Application of Cultural Ecosystem Services in Estuary Stewardship and Management”.

Tool | November 2021

This factsheet, developed by a 2021 catalyst project, summarizes information to strengthen the conceptual foundation and meaningful application of cultural ecosystem services (CES) in the NERRS.

Case Study | November 2021

This factsheet, developed as part of a 2020 catalyst project, consolidates case studies of applied CES assessments. 

Journal Article | July 2021

This 2021 article which appeared in Ecological Engineering explores the potential for large-scale breakwaters to preserve fringing marsh vegetation in high wave energy environments.


Multimedia | June 2021

This story map explores how boat wakes affect coastal vulnerability in small estuary channels in Florida's Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway.

K-12 | May 2021

This web resources includes a compilation of lesson plans for grades K - 12 about coastal and estuarine ecology that are intended to complement programs that involve schools in local wetland restoration projects.

Journal Article | May 2021

This 2021 article which appeared in Ecology and Society describes a research project exploring how alders, peatlands, and groundwater flows were incorporated into a spatial tool that was used in case studies with user groups and in outreach efforts. The paper includes evidence that these efforts to engage with stakeholders are resulting in attitudinal shifts as well as on-the-ground changes in peoples’ decision-making.

Tool | May 2021

This guide is designed to be a resource for current and potential oyster growers that want to understand and maximize the water quality benefits of their aquaculture operations.

Journal Article | May 2021

This 2021 article which appeared in Geophysical Research Letters describes a study that took a novel approach to characterize soil organic carbon accumulation supporting marsh elevation maintenance as part of a 2017-2020 collaborative research project.

Multimedia | May 2021

These explainer videos, developed as part of a 2017 collaborative research project, help explain the motivation for the project, the approach, and the decision support tool and its application.

Multimedia | April 2021
Data | April 2021

This resource includes two related databases that include a range of water quality parameters measured at stormwater outfalls in Beaufort, NC.

Data | April 2021

This resource includes links to five datasets generated by a collaborative research project that measured nitrogen removal from oyster aquaculture using complement biogeochemistry and genetic methods.

Journal Article | March 2021

This open access article describes an assessment of the storm buffering services provided by Piermont Marsh, New York.

Multimedia | March 2021

This poster, created by a Hollings Scholar who worked with Kachemak Bay NERR on a 2017 collaborative research project, describes the project and results.

Multimedia | March 2021

This video was created by two high school students from the Alaska Native village of Tyonek, documenting their communities groundwater uses, and represents one output from engaging with students from a 2017 collaborative research project.

Multimedia | March 2021
Journal Article | March 2021

This 2020 article which appeared in Estuaries and Coasts describes a study that evaluated rates of gross oxygen production over different time scales in a shallow temperate salt marsh pond as part of a 2017-2020 collaborative research project.