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Jobos Bay - Photo credit: NOAA

A repository of data, publications, tools, and other products from project teams, Science Collaborative program, and partners.
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Webinar Summary | December 2020

This resource contains the presenter slides, Q&A responses, recording, and presenter bios from the December 2020 webinar Putting 2020 in the Rear View: Understanding the Impact of COVID-19 on Collaborative Research.

Webinar Summary | October 2020

This document summarizes key lessons that emerged during the July 2020 panel webinar Innovative Approaches to Integrating Research and K-12 Education to Advance Estuary Stewardship. In addition to providing a record of the Q&A, this document also contains short descriptions of some education efforts across the reserve system and ideas for expanding the reach of education in new and existing projects.

Webinar Summary | July 2020

This document summarizes the discussion and Q&A from the May 2020 panel webinar Collaborative Science in a Virtual World: Recognizing Limits and Leveraging Opportunities. The document also includes tables listing common challenges for virtual collaboration, useful strategies and tips, and resources suggested by panelists and participants.

Webinar Summary | September 2019

This document is a comprehensive post-webinar report that includes a summary of the panel discussion, records of the Q&A session and comments submitted by attendees about next steps for climate resilience, the results of audience polls administered during the webinar, an account of who attended the webinar, and a list of participants who opted to list their contact information to foster connections among climate adaptation and resilience practitioners and researchers.

Webinar Summary | May 2019

These slides summarize a webinar given by Ellie Flaherty, Kate Kirkpatrick, Trey Snow, and Syverine Bentz on May 23, 2019, summarizing results from an ecosystem service assessment performed as part of a SEAS Master's project.

Webinar Summary | June 2018

These slides summarize a webinar given by Annie Cox of the Wells Reserve on June 21, 2018 about her 2016 Science Transfer project that sought to help businesses in Maine self-assess their resilience to disaster.

Webinar Summary | March 2018

These slides summarize a webinar given by Cory Riley of the Great Bay Reserve on March 27, 2018 about her 2015 Integrated Assessment on vegetated buffer use in New Hampshire.

Webinar Summary | February 2018

These slides summarize a webinar given by Dwayne Porter on February 28, 2018 about why environmental data management is important and the role it plays in the NERRS System-wide Monitoring Program. 

Webinar Summary | January 2018

These slides summarize a webinar given by Susi Moser on January 10, 2018 on the Successful Adaptation Indicators and Metrics project, which focuses on measuring the success of climate adaptation. 

Webinar Summary | December 2017

These slides summarize a webinar given by Danielle Boudreau and Syverine Bentz on December 20, 2017, on how they used scenario planning to overcome uncertainty around barriers to climate adaptation in southcentral Alaska. 

Webinar Summary | November 2017

These slides summarize a webinar given by Dr. Julia Wondolleck on November 30, 2017, on what she has learned from examining projects supported by the NERRS Science Collaborative.