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Jobos Bay - Photo credit: NOAA

A repository of data, publications, tools, and other products from project teams, Science Collaborative program, and partners.
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Factsheet | August 2020

The Native Olympia Oyster Collaborative brochure Restoring Resilient Native Oysters from Baja California to British Columbia provides an introduction to Olympia oyster restoration for general audiences.

Project Overview | June 2020

This project overview describes a 2018 Catalyst project that created an Olympia oyster restoration network to enhance the success of West Coast restoration efforts.

K-12 | May 2020

This collection of K-12 lesson plans, compiled by the Native Olympia Oyster Collaborative, features science, math, engineering, writing, art, and multidisciplinary lessons that invite students to explore various aspects of West coast native oysters.

Webinar Summary | April 2020

This resource contains the presenter slides, Q&A responses, recording, and presenter bios from the April 2020 webinar Restoring Native Oysters on North America's West Coast.

Multimedia | April 2020

This project database and interactive storymap catalogs native Olympia Oyster restoration projects on the West Coast.

Website | April 2020
Project Overview | May 2019

This project overview describes a project led by Elkorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve to communicate the results of a recent national synthesis of NERR Sentinel Site data on marsh resilience to sea level rise.

Multimedia | December 2018

This webinar, which originally aired on December 12, 2013, discusses the Tijuana River Reserve's collaborative efforts to develop a vulnerability assessment that informs an adaptation strategy to address sea level rise and riverine flooding.

Report | December 2018
Project Overview | December 2018

This project overview describes a 2012 Collaborative Research project that developed a decision-making framework and tools to guide coastal wetland recovery and management in Southern California.

Report | November 2018

This document summarizes a tool developed by the NERRS to evaluate and compare the ability of tidal marshes to thrive as sea level rises.

Journal Article | November 2018

This paper, published in Biological Conservation, describes an innovative approach developed by the NERRS to evaluate the ability of tidal marshes to thrive as sea levels rise. 

Tool | November 2018

This tool is a novel approach to compare the resilience of different marshes to sea level rise. 

K-12 | October 2018 lesson encourages students to make evidence-based conclusions about the impacts of development, pollution, and climate on the Los Penasquitos Lagoon in southern California.

Journal Article | October 2018

This paper details findings presented at the U.S.-Iran Symposium on Wetlands in March 2016 about the increasing watershed influence and hypo-salinity in Los Penasquitos Lagoon. 

Report | October 2018

This technical report analyzes the relationship between dissolved oxygen and mouth condition at the Los Penasquitos Lagoon in southern California. 

Report | October 2018

This document summarizes a workshop hosted by the Tijuana River Reserve and partners in September of 2016 titled "Intermittently Open Estuaries: Science & Management Perspectives."

Project Overview | October 2018

This project overview describes a 2015 Science Transfer project at the Tijuana River Reserve that used existing knowledge and gathered new data to improve the health and management of lagoons in southern California.