Panel Summary: Conceptualizing and Designing Collaborative Science Projects

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October 2019

Webinar Description

On October 16, 2019, the Science Collaborative hosted a panel discussion webinar highlighting the collective advice of three panelists who have helped design and manage collaborative science projects addressing a range of coastal management issues.  This webinar aimed to help participants understand the key factors to consider in designing collaborative research projects. The panel discussion explored lessons learned about:

  • Conceptualizing research to ensure it addresses natural resource management needs; and

  • Designing a collaborative research process to ensure that it succeeds.

About this document

This document summarizes key lessons that emerged during the October 2019 panel webinar Conceptualizing and Designing Collaborative Science Projects. In addition to providing a record of the Q&A, this document also contains panelist advice and best practices for both new and existing collaborative science project teams.

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