Scoping Assessment for Pacific Northwest Blue Carbon Finance Projects

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February 2020
Scoping Assessment PNW Blue Carbon Finance (Cornu, 2019)

Coastal wetlands, including tidal wetlands, seagrass beds and mangroves, are some of the most economically important yet most vulnerable ecosystems globally. Over recent decades, wetland restoration has increasingly garnered attention and significance, resulting in more widespread and larger projects globally; however, restoration projects are often costly and limited in funding. 

With the creation of voluntary carbon markets, and the development of methodologies that include tidal wetlands in the market, opportunities for financing coastal restoration and conservation have emerged in recent years.

About this resource

This Scoping Assessment for Pacific Northwest (PNW) Blue Carbon Finance Projects provides an initial assessment of the opportunities and key considerations associated with connecting carbon finance to tidal wetland restoration projects in the PNW, and identifies remaining PNW blue carbon data gaps that need to be addressed before developing project-level carbon finance feasibility assessments in the region.


S. Crooks, L. Beers, S. Settelmyer, E. Swails, S. Emmett-Mattox, and C. Cornu. 2020. Scoping Assessment for PacificNorthwest Blue Carbon Finance Projects. A report by Silvestrum Climate Associates, TerraCarbon LLC, Strategic Solutions LLC and the Institute for Applied Ecology.

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